Phillips Respironics Recall Information

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Philips Respironics Recall Information

On 6/14/2021, Philips Respironics, a leading CPAP manufacturer, issued a recall notice on their CPAP machines. According to Philips, this issue has affected 0.03% of patients on their CPAP machines.

There are only two large CPAP manufacturers, Philips and ResMed. Having a large recall on one manufacturer, especially during a pandemic, has created a CPAP machine shortage. ResMed machines are not affected at this time.

Philips is working to replace ALL affected machines.

Please visit this site and register your CPAP for replacement.

Vancouver Sleep Center's View On It

Philips has indicated that in high ambient temperature situations and in patients who use ozone-based cleaners, such as SoClean, the sound abatement foam used in the CPAP machine can break down. This results in small particles inhaled by patients and can cause short and long-term health problems.

Short-Term Health Problems

  • Cough
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Nasal Secretion
  • Chest Pain
  • Sinus Headaches


  • Unknown
  • Foam is noted to be cancer inducing


Untreated severe sleep apnea can cause sleepiness while driving and motor vehicle accidents. It can also cause heart arrhythmia in patients with known heart rhythm problems and coronary artery disease, and it can make surgeries unsafe.

Inhaling foam particles may increase the risk for long-term cancer.

Recommendations Based On Opinion

  1. If you have an older ResMed/Fisher-Paykel machine, please switch back to it.
  2. If you have mild–moderate sleep apnea without excessive daytime sleepiness, stop using your machine. Call the clinic!
  3. If you are a pilot or CDL operator and are mandated to using CPAP, call us so we can get you first in line for a machine.
  4. If you have severe sleep apnea, consider staying on your machine.
  5. If you have underlying known heart disease, consider staying on your machine.
  6. If you have COPD, consider staying on your machine.
  7. Stop using any ozone-based CPAP cleaner.
  8. If in doubt, call Vancouver Sleep Center!